Best basketball shoes under 100 – High Quality and affordable

No need to be worried if you have a low budget and wish to buy professional basketball shoes! Such as the best basketball shoes under 100. Spending wisely and less on something does not mean the products are useless and of low quality. It may be because of market competition and high demands. You can buy fantastic and game-ready pairs of basketball shoes.


Top 3 the best basketball shoes under 100 Dollar- High quality and affordable budget shoes

Having a reasonable and tight budget but you want to have comparable basketball shoes. This short article assists you to find the three top-most and the best basketball shoes under 100 Dollar. Below these three items have almost every required quality of material and durability.

Top Pick

1.Adidas Men’s Own the Game Basketball Shoe

10 by 10 having synthetic rubber sole

  • Grip and Support Quality is very Good
  • Side by side heels
  • Comfortable and easy to use

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A historical sports brand-Adidas- for years has never ignored clients with low budgets. For every kind of sport facility, Adidas gives its best product. For example, Adidas men’s own game basketball shoes.

This pair of shoes is one of the best basketball shoes under $100. Among a heap of collection of sports footwears; this product has its efficient and economical product in terms of price and quality.


• The traction of this product is very similar to expensive shoes and comfortable for indoor basketball games.
• It has a quality of true size and the work efficiency proves well for professionals. The material quality mixed with size quality paves a better way to ready for hours long games.
• The grip and support quality is comparable to very good and expensive shoes. The design and grip of black basketball shoes have a long-lasting effect for hours long indoor and outdoor games.
• Side by side the heels, there exists an air-sole.
• Apart from the design visibility, the outer look and sole make the shoe much more desirable and impressive.
• At this price of less than $100 this shoe is the best choice for professional hoopers


  • The material quality and size are comfortable and easy to use
  • The Length of the cushion and sole rubber is fantastic
  • Usable for both indoor as well as outdoor play


  • There is a slight difference between premium and used quality of material
  • In other countries, the price of shipment is higher

Editor Choice

2.Fila Men’s Mb Sneaker

The upper and lower sides of the shoes are more durable

  • Durable
  • Comfertable
  • Affortable Price

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For years, the Fila brand is the name of trust and professionalism. For professional and regular hooper Fila has made the basketball shoes under $100. If you are a professional player and need a spare pair of shoes that help you to play professionally.
A basketball player always tries to find economical but comfortable and tract basketball shoes. You can’t imagine you can find such a durable pair of shoes at such an affordable price.

• The marvelous design and making of these economical shoes give an unexpected comfort and grip to player’s feet during general and professional hooping.
• A very easy and perfect fit for the foot shape. A true in size and grip. Better control at this price makes a player extremely professional and happy.
• Inside sole is so much soft and made of synthetic rubber. While playing on uneven and indoor surfaces, the feet feel unharmed and dry.
• The outer look is very attractive and catchy to the eyes.
• Even then, during hours-long practice this economical pair of shoes seems very useful comfortable for the feet.


  • Though this is cheap this pair is highly protective for ankles
  • Air sole guarantees the balance of a player during shooting the court
  • After wearing this basketball product, it is easy to run due to light in weight
  • Material quality is good and long-lasting


  • Durability and comfort level decrease on a hard surface

Budget Friendly

Adidas Men's Harden Step Back Basketball Shoe

3.Adidas Men’s Harden Step Back Basketball Shoe

This is a quality product with a moto, “Be yourself”

  • Budget-friendly
  • Complete safety of ankle protections
  • Strong grip supports

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Money does not matter at all. Adidas welcomes all its clients. The company gives you a budget-friendly the best basketball shoes under $100. Furthermore, this product is completely suitable for the support and comfort ability of feet.
An ability to be mold according to the shape and size of the feet provides exactness during shooting. The upper and inner parts are made of mixed rubber and synthetic material. As a result, it is much comfortable and easy during competitive play and hooping.
• Although, this product is very budget-friendly a complete professional and durable one.
• Flexibility enhancement is another good feature of these economical basket-ball shoes. It promises a required and desirable grip during un-even and speedy play.
• A good feel; due to the air sole. The feel is good and remarkable. No matters if it is many hours of back-to-back practice your feet and ankle remain comfortable.
• Sometimes, or most of the times, when you try to smash a throw. You need to have a strong grip. And these shoes have the material ability to perform so.
• The design of basketball shoes adds more significance apart from the budget-friendly and durability


  • Cushioning material and quality is enlarged and spacious
  • Flexibility due to the synthetic rubber and air sole material is extremely well and durable
  • Strong grip supports sudden change in speed and angle. Complete safety of ankle protections
  • A true in size for all wide and slim feet bones
  • It has the ability to balanced and bounced cushioning


  • Material seems a bit cheap
  • Hard surfaces may damage the material in a long run


We did precise and classified research on economical and budget-friendly basketball shoe products. This article showed four primary qualities holding the best basketball shoes under 100 Dollar. The above three affordable shoes have these primary qualities: outsole, traction design, economical, and synthetic rubber material.  

They have a very comfortable and durable outer soles made of advanced rubber material. It is concluded that these coolest and budget-friendly shoes have resilient and tough upper material. Additionally, the wide and spacious grooves are there to enhance the grip and softness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a basketball shoe cost?

According to the price details, an international journal- BusinessWeek- says the retail price of an expensive and average pair of shoes is $180. However, the average cost is as little as $50 as the original price. The average cost price for branded shoes like Nike and Adidas is $12 each.

What are the considerable side effects of cheap basketball shoes?

There are a few mildly bad effects that can be seen. First of all, a little number of economical shoes have heav-weight. On the other hand, expensive and top branded shoes are light-weight. Economical shoes are not durable on hard surfaces. Also, the shape may be changed after a few months of use.

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