How to deflate a basketball easiest way – Step by step guide with images

Many things are important to maintain control over a basketball, in the same way, that proper air is important inside a basketball, proper air pressure will give you a precise bounce, which gives you better control over the basketball

For this reason, you need to make sure that the air pressure inside your basketball is correct or not, let’s know why it is necessary to deflate.


Why is it necessary to deflate?

The common reason for a basketball to deflate is because it is over-inflated. The amount of air in it exceeds that which makes playing basketball more difficult as it bounces more than expected which makes it difficult to control.

If you try to play with this type of basketball then you may find it quite easy while dribbling because in this basketball you will get more bounce due to the high air pressure, but when shooting the basketball at the goal it is all can ruin the game, That’s because this hair will bounce off more than you anticipate, which will ruin your target.

A major reason can also be due to the change in the environment, if you aired the basketball in cold weather and when you came out again in the summer days to play it, the air inside the basketball can change, May need to deflate it by checking the pressure.

How to smartly Deflate your basketball and what you need?

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Warning: With this tool, I would also like to give you a warning, I have seen many people on the internet claiming that you can remove the air from the basketball valve with paper clips and many other sharp things. Maybe these methods also work. but I never recommend it to you because even a small mistake can damage your basketball Valve.

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This tool shows you how much air pressure is inside your basketball, so to get a better and accurate air pressure you can use this tool that you can find on amazon.

Note: This product is optional, if you are able to check air pressure manually by pressing your basketball with your hand and by dribbling your ball, then you can do it manually there is no need of this Gauge.

Now how to deflate your basketball

If you purchase the Air pressure gauge

  1. First of all, you have to take any kind of lubricant like oil, etc. Now put it on the air pressure gauge and it has to enter inside the basketball valve, this is so that there is no damage to the valve of your basketball
  2. By doing this you will see the exact air pressure on your gauge on the meter so that you will be able to decide how much air you need to remove from the basketball.

3. After ensuring the air pressure, now you have to gently press the valve on the Air Pressure Gauge, by pressing the valve your basketball will start releasing air, during this time you have to keep an eye on the meter on the gauge and if the air pressure is right according to you release the valve then.

Deflate your Basketball without an Air Pressure Gauge

If you do not have a pressure gauge, then you can use this method.

1.First of all you have to check the current air pressure of your basketball, you have to drop the basketball on the ground at the level of your chest, if the basketball stays around your waist with the bounce, then the air pressure of your basketball is fine if it is above the waist If it bounces up to the top, you need to deflate it

2.Now you have to spit or moisten the inflation needle with water, and gently push it inside the basketball valve, because lubricates save your basketball valve from any damages.

3.After inserting the needle into the valve, you now have to press the needle hard, by doing this air will start coming out of your valve, now you have to get an idea of how much air you need to release when you feel that the inside of the basketball according to you then you have to stop pressing the inflation needle.

4.Now you have to make sure that you have taken out the air from the basketball valve as per your requirement or you may have to repeat this process two or three times but if you have made sure that you have exhausted the air according to your needs then you should To stop pressing the inflation needle.

5.After this process, you have to drag the inflation needle towards you in a straight direction, after that once again you have to take the basketball up to your chest and drop it on the ground and make sure that, now after your basketball bounces, it is against your waist. If it is not coming up, and you think the bounce of the basketball is correct then your deflate process is complete.

Deflate for traveling and storage

If you want to deflate your basketball to carry or keep it with you or you want to keep it in your bag or drawer, and also want your basketball to occupy less work space, then you have to use the method below

1.If you want to take your basketball with you while traveling or store it somewhere and also want to occupy less work place while storing your basketball, in that case you don’t need air pressure gauge, all you need is an inflation needle because now you do not have to worry about the air pressure of the basketball, now you have to remove all the air inside the basketball

  1. If you want to deflate the basketball by taking out all the air, you have to push the inflation needle inside the basketball with the help of a lubricate substance and keep the inflation needle pressed inwards, you don’t have to release the inflation needle until all air come out from basktbaal valve, This process may take up to 4 to 5 minutes, depending on the size and air pressure of the basketball.
Final Verdict
Deflating basketball is a very simple process, you can do this process easily after trying a couple of times, we hope you liked this article on deflating basketball, you can find more information related to basketball on our website. You can get it from other blogs uploaded on our website.

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